The Payroll Revolution a book by Tracy Angwin






Comments about the book...

“Great book to read, in fact it is a must- to-read for Payroll Professionals, definitely recommended!"
Cindy Zakaira - Payroll Manager, Fire and Rescue NSW

“I was lucky enough to catchup with Tracy at a payroll conference in March and get a early release copy of the book. This a great read for anyone involved in HR/Payroll Operations to get an understanding of what goes on behind the payroll curtain and how to be recognised as a professional. The book covers a lot about my favourite topics - process and technology. Tracy gives tips on ensuring your processes are usable and making sure staff are accountable. There is a whole chapter on payroll technology covering HR Systems Selection and Project Management 101. I think it's the first book about payroll in Australia but a great contribution to raising the profile and value of the payroll practitioner. Well done Tracy!"
Peter Forbes - Navigo

“Hi Tracy. I received my copy this week. I've read it twice so far. Your passion for payroll is evident and its nice to see recognition of the payroll profession."
Claire Formby


What others are saying about this book…

“This book is a much needed and welcome resource for those engaged in administering a payroll. It navigates the labyrinth of complexities which are the Payroll Manager’s lot – the Modern Awards, the Fair Work Act and other regulatory requirements.”
Senator Eric Abetz - Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations

“There is little doubt that Tracy has rapidly become one of the leading national ambassadors and voices for the Payroll sector across Australia. Her superior technical knowledge combined with a vision of how to advance the quality and value of the Payroll function is unrivalled. The recent introduction of nationally recognised payroll qualifications is just the start of Tracy’s ongoing quest to add significant value to the payroll industry.”
Andy Thompson - Payroll Recruitment Specialist

“I’m always enthused by Tracy’s passion for the payroll arena. Tracy’s experience and credibility in the Australian payroll industry will undoubtedly help you uncover some payroll pearls of wisdom within  …..”
Peter Whalley - Managing Director, Sybiz Software

“Affinity Employer Services pay over 1,000,000 pays per year for some of the most recognised companies in Australia. When we do not know the answer, we rely on Tracy Angwin of the Australian Payroll Association.”
Dennis Pivac - General Manager Sales, Affinity Employer Services

“It is great to finally read a business book  that, is informative, avoids jargon, makes you think, gives you real take outs, puts together a checklist for you and is not deathly boring. I recommend that you put this book on top of your reading pile.”
Pauline Vamos - CEO, The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia

“Tracy’s approach to payroll is simply refreshing and professional! Her experience with systems and running teams places her in a great position to be able to advise on both payroll legislation and how systems can simplify and add value to an organisation. Tracy’s flare for networking, passion for payroll, professional and logical approach has driven her to challenge the payroll status quo and stereotype. Tracy challenges the payroll industry and payroll specialist to step up, understand the value they can add and ‘take a chair at the table’.”
Lynette Jones - Group Payroll Manager, GWF Group - Business Services

“At last, a concise book about payroll written by someone with impeccable credentials in the area. I really am delighted that Tracy has taken the time to develop this book and I am sure it will greatly assist the ongoing transformation of the payroll industry.”
Athena Koelmeyer - Director, Workplace Law

“I highly value capable payroll professionals and find they are often underrated. It’s great to see a step-by-step method to establish a career path in this profession. This is a book that should be on every payroll professional’s bookshelf”
John Rawlinson - Group CEO, Talent2 International